Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 25, 2007

i was so damn tired yesterday. i wish i had an excuse like doing work, but i had no excuse whatsoever. i managed to function yesterday by sheer force of will alone.

i finally went grocery shopping yesterday. no more living off of saltine crackers for me. yay! jenna kept offering to feed me, but i felt bad taking her food. now that my fridge has more than just strawberry jam and my brita i think things will be better. i had an interesting experience with the taxi driver though. she was quite nice, but her choice of converational topics was a tad inapropos. she kept talking about her recent car accidents and how she had just crashed her old taxi cab. not the best thing to talk about while you're driving someone! i kept calculating the probability that i would make it back to my apartment with all my limbs intact.

later on, i went out to dinner with jenna. we went Le Petit Robert, a cute and intimate french bistro. we sat out on the patio under a lit up replica of the eiffel tower and the warmth of a heat lamp. the price was right and the food was wonderful. i even got her try escargot for the first time. she really liked them, as i knew she would. people need to give new things a try and not judge them based on appearance or ingredient (in this case, snails). we were at the restaurant for a while talking, enjoying our food, and trying hard not to laugh at the uncouth diners eating at the table across from ours. i really liked the service. the waiter was patient and never rushed us to order. the timing in between appetizer and entree was perfect. it was a wonderful dining experience (with great company). just the way i like it. i resolved right away that i must take mariana to eat here when she comes to visit. it's totally our type of restaurant.

jenna and i had originally planned to watch "Poltergeist" last night after finishing our work. unfortunately, my sleep deprivation finally caught up with me and i had to call it a night at the early time of midnight. i need to be well rested for the upcoming events.

well, that's it for yesterday. until next i post.....


- R

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