Saturday, February 7, 2009

February 6, 2006

so i'm watching "ellen" right now and she is doing a special to commemorate her 30th high school reunion. she has a lot of people she went to high school with on her show and they are all reliving their great memories and what not. what i'm wondering is why anyone would want to go back to high school. everyone is so fake and annoying haughty. i for one don't plan on going to my 30th reunion, let alone any reunion.

high school sucked! unlike ellen, i wouldn't have this group of 50 people with whom i would laugh and reminisce. i would talk to a small group that has become smaller over time. i'm sure all the people from my school who are reading this hate me right now, but whatever.

fine. i'm sorry. happy now? leya is probably going to write something condescending b/c she thinks i'm too bitter about the past..... as she has done before (cf. that dinner i didn't go to, which ended up working out in my favor). i still love ya smoochiekins! :)

enough ranting. i'm sure some people loved high school and think of those times as the good ol' days. i personally did not like it much (can you say litote?) and the aforementioned leya will more than likely drag me, kicking and screaming, to the damn reunion. but maybe by then i will have become ridiculously wealthy or developed carrie-like telekinesis, in which case i will be counting the days until i can attend the big gathering.

and now, to dinner.....

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