Saturday, February 7, 2009

January 1, 2008

And now for the conclusion to the New Year's episode of "Roberto's Life."

We got to the party at 9:30pm. We established beforehand a plan regarding how we were to act at this family reunion. We ultimately decided that it was best to make the most of the night; we would eat, drink, and be merry as if we were the only people there. And that we did.

If the Fuentes/Hernandez family is good at any one thing, it's being completely fake and two-faced. We greeted everyone as if we were glad to see them. My Aunt Martina, however, could not hide the fact that she was less than thrilled to see us. Or at least, she wasn't thrilled about seeing me; I don't know if she gave the reception to my parents. First, she avoided saying hello to me by walking away as I approached. Then when I did manage to get the second of her time it takes for a greeting to occur, she was colder than Boston weather. Even my uncle, her husband, was really cold with me. My mom and dad fought with them at my uncle's birthday party, not me. I don't see why they decided to take out on me. Alas, my godparents are awesome like that.

We pigged out and drank until the party was fun. Susie, the hostess and the bitch who took the party away from us, fully expected us to sulk and be miserable all night. So she was not a happy camper to see us dancing all night long. My parents, sis, and I stuck together all night long and did just as we proposed -- partied as if we were the only ones there. I usually hate the whole "kill 'em with kindness" technique, but it worked last night. Although, our method was a variation on that technique because we didn't interact with anyone. So it was more of a "kill 'em with the fact that they have no impact on your life" technique.

My sis and I got bored and went home shortly after midnight. My parents, however, were going to see the plan through all the way and stayed until the DJ closed shop. Go Team Hernandez!

So was it a happy new year? It was happy for us, but probably not for the family as a whole. We made the most of the night, and that's all that matters.


- R

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