Saturday, February 7, 2009

March 26, 2008

Spring Break is over. Berto sad. :(

Luckily, the first week back was not bad at all. Sure, having to set an alarm clock again was depressing. Sure, having to wake up early for work was painful. And sure, having to sit through three hour classes in addition to working was not something I was looking forward to. And yet, surprisingly, it was a pretty good week. First off, only three clients so far. One of which I've worked with before and was glad to work with again. One who was an ex-student of mine and happy to see again. And another who was new, but a pleasure to work with. All three were film reviews, so they were fun assignments to mold into stronger pieces. Secondly, only had three classes this week because Arts Criticism went to see the show I saw last week. Thirdly, the school week flew by.

This week has also become quite a social one.

Had dinner with Brandon on Monday night. Always a pleasure.

Tuesday was Lauren's birthday. She planned a little celebration at Cornwall's. She seemed really happy that I had come, which I thought was slightly strange. It was as though she seemed surprised. Why wouldn't I help a friend celebrate their birthday? Well, it turns out most people had to pass. Our friends were busy and said they couldn't come. This will probably come back to bite me, but here are my thoughts on this situation. I'm not going to pretend I know the amount of work anyone else has to deal with. But would taking an hour-long break really do that much damage? You don't have to stay the whole night if you can't, but stopping by for even a short time makes a difference. Cat was busy too, but she came to Cornwall's for the latter portion of the night. I don't know Lauren's thoughts on the subject, and it isn't even my place to be speaking about it, but the situation upset me. *sigh* I guess I should just move on before I get emotional and say something I'll later regret.

Anyway... Today I went to see a special screening of 21 with Brandon. I'll post my review of this film later on.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I'm having dinner at Brasserie Jo with Diana from work. She is definitely one of the perks of my new job. She and I clicked soon after getting to know each other. We have similar personalities and tastes, and have totally bonded. I'm sure tomorrow night will be a fun and tasty night. Good food and good company. How can I lose?

I have no plans for Friday (any takers?), but have plans to attend the national (?) a cappella competition on Saturday with Lauren and Marie.

Overall, starting school anew was not as awful I expected it to be. Plus, I turned in my London application and it is in Fate's hands now. Now I am just stressing out until I know whether or not I'll actually be moving to England in the fall.


- R

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