Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 17, 2004

i just got back from the classical music concert. the group originally consisted of myself, doug, allie, yagmur, and amy. but then the girls started dropping like flies, one by one. first allie called me saying that she had strep throat. then yagmur told us she had a wedding to go to (hmmm.........and she just now remembered???). finally, it was down to just doug, amy, and i. we met up at pizza dude at 7, but amy was going to get there at 7:15. fine. no prob. but she never shows up. i tell doug it'd be funny if we were inside eating while she was in the parking lot. sure enough, she calls doug as we are walking towards the auditorium. "i waited at pizza dude and there was no one there so now i'm on my way home." ok. if there is a meeting place mix-up, then just meet up w/ the group at the final destination! oh well. so it was just doug and i. the concert was conducted by our humanities professor and it was great. they played a fabulous piano concerto, a piece from WASPS, the West Side Story suite, and strauss's waltz. the girls missed out. too bad for them. at least doug and i enjoyed ourselves.

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