Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 15, 2004

I AM SO HAPPY! so today i had an appointment w/a ucla rep. i really had no questions (had to make some up, but got useful info so it was all good); i just wanted the rep to do an evaluation of my gpa and college work. she said i have a competitive gpa, my lower division work is basically done, and all i really need is 6 more units for next semester. then she said that by looking at my transcript and what i'm planning to do next semester i am in very good shape. i know it might not mean much to my non-existent readers, but it made my day. i was giddy for a long time afterwards, to say the least. plus, i worked w/ my friend anna (the counselor) and finished my application. now i just need to add my essays which i will hav done by thursday b/c i'm going to a personal statement workshop that day. omg! it's almost november and i'm so scared! i can't wait till november 19th - - TAP DAY!!!! i love going up to ucla b/c it serves as a motivator that excites and makes me nervous at the same time. everyone tells me i'm in (ucla), but i'm still scared b/c i don't think i'm that special or am as qualified as others probably are. stress, stress, stress.............

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