Saturday, February 7, 2009

November 21, 2004

here's one for the records, Chuck. let it be known that it has just finished snowing outside my house. not that it's my first time seeing snow, but it is very strange to see a mild snow storm in southern california. so now all the cars outside (except mine since it's in the garage), streets, houses, and lawns are covered in icy white sheets. now the snow became rain as the temperature warmed up i guess, but it was still a novel thing to see.

OMG! how could i not write about this. so what's this you wonder? I'M SPENDING THE NEXT SEMESTER STUDYING IN OXFORD!!!!! me, in england! i cannot not even begin telling you how happy, excited, thrilled, ecstatic (and all those positive adjectives) i am! it's always been my dream to study abroad and after encountering obstacles, letdowns, and a few tears, i am finally going to go! i can't wait!!!!!!!!!

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