Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 1, 2004

so today i stopped by the transfer center to say hello to one of my fav. counselors who's like a friend and i ended up having a 2 hour (yes, you read right) conversation w/ her about school, her life, the future.......... now she really is a friend. even though she's 37 and i'm 19 we totally connect like she's my age. she's a great person and is totally cool and funny. it was a little weird thinking back about it b/c of the fact that i had this 2 hour conversation w/ this lady about stuff that one normally does not share w/ students, but it was a cool little bonding experience. in fact, she even invited me to have dinner at her house one day. although, she says that next time it's my turn to talk and - - if you ask anyone who knows me - - that could be a problem. i'm not one to share a lot of personal issues b/c i guess i'm afraid of getting hurt. but i feel i could trust her. again, this probably seems weird that i have this personal of a relationship w/ a couselor, but she really is like a friend. i just realized i like xanga b/c i get to vent. sure it's on a public domain, but it helps nonetheless. besides, it's not like i know anyone on xanga besides jilese and leya.

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