Saturday, February 7, 2009

October 9, 2004

i know that by now everyone must have seen this movie (Saved!) already, but i am still going to promote it! this movie just plain rocks and that's all there is to it! leya, we need to watch this together next time we meet. if you haven't seen this movie already, SEE IT!.........and if you have, well watch it again. oh yeah, my stress level is still high on the scale. especially now that the UC app is online. AAAAHHHHHHH..................i'm so nervous that my personal statement won't be good enough and i won't get in to UCLA. then i find out that my 2nd choice school -- Chapman -- requires it's housing app on may 1st and i won't even know if i got in to UCLA until may 30/early june! i hate life's many complications!!!

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