Saturday, February 7, 2009

July 24, 2005

Thursday was my UCLA orientation and it got me even more excited and anxious for it to be September 25. It was great to go to the different workshops and sit through the speeches because it really hits you, "Damn! I REALLY am going to UCLA!!"

Anyways, the drawbacks were that it was so very HOT and then it got so very humid. To add to that, the first 3 hours were in a room without air-conditioning. I'm sure Melissa and I were not the only people who felt dizzy and ready to pass out; it didn't help that one of the speakers was a recent grad who gave a 30 min. speech consisting of nothing (or so it seemed) but "ums." Another thing was that they didn't give us any free time, so it was like an information overload.

However, their dorm food is pretty damn good. It's like a Vegas buffet, in case you want to try and picture it. Also, I did something that is completely out of character for me.......... I signed up to get info about fraternities. I don't know why I did it. That whole frat boy lifestyle is not me at all, and yet I was drawn to it and signed my soul away for a cherry tootsie roll lollilop. I think I need to see a priest because I might be possessed. Other than that, it just pretty darn cool to have gone to my orientation and having registred for my first classes at UCLA (Latin 1, medieval lit, and chaucer).

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