Friday, May 29, 2009

Things I overheard #10

This one is pretty nuts.

Directly in front of me is a pair going over a business contract.

It is a younger man (30s, I'd say) and an older man (50+). I can't make out if there is a family resemblance between them without being caught, but they definitely know each other. Oh wait, he just called him "Dad."

The son seems to know (or at least thinks he understands) the world of business and business laws, but the dad is not completely certain of it all. The son is totally frustrated with his dad's naivete and lack of knowledge. He clearly had asked his son for help in working out a contract between him and some partner/associate/what-have-you. Big mistake. The son has no patience.

"These legal terms are business 101! Why do you find them so hard to understand!?"

He just whipped out his laptop to bring up an online legal dictionary.

Though awkward because they are close enough for me to steal their drink, it is too funny. For two reasons, and I'll explain.

Reason #1-- The cocky/douchebag-y son totally reminds me of my cocky/douchebag-y uncle who also fancies himself an ace negotiator/businessman. His impatience with his father is like listening to my uncle talking business with my grandparents.

And, I admit, it reminds me of past arguments I've had with my mother ("Just listen, Mom. I don't know how else to explain it!").

Reason #2-- I've previously discussed how people don't seem to care what they share in public spaces. Funnier still is people who have no qualms whatsoever about making loud exclamations or shameless statements when people are right next to them. This pair is one example.

Another is a pair of girls that were standing in front of me on the escalator at work. "Why deny who I am? I'm a bitch. I like to get drunk. I like to fuck random guys. So why the fuck should I pretend otherwise? "

At this point the other girl turns around to face me and observe my reaction to her friend's statements. I just look ahead. The shameless friend then comments, "See. Like right now. I don't care that he just heard what I said. It's all true, so why be embarrassed by it?"

So you see, eavesdropping is not always necessary. Sometimes you get to listen to/observe juicy stuff without any work on your part. It can happen right in front of you.


- R


  1. You said it, Roberto!

    Eavesdropping is NOT always necessary. The stuff I hear while walking down the city streets blows me away (such as what you heard between the two ladies). Sometimes it shocks me and then other times I think, "Hell....what a great blogging topic!!"

    I especially enjoy listening to people on their cell phones!

    Have a great a weekend, bud!

    Happy Eavesdropping!

  2. Allow me to add to this post with the following....

    I am witnessing grown men (very loudly) playing a card game called Family Business -- a mob warfare card game. Sounds to me like a rehash of D&D. They are having way too much fun and are way too into it.

    Maturity is apparently so last season.

  3. The really funny thing is that these guys think they are so badass. They are playing a glorified kid's game while drinking coffee at a Starbucks. Yup. They are so badass.

    I probably wouldn't be as bothered by it if they weren't so god damn loud and obnoxious. And if one of the guy's laugh wasn't a long, mucousy snort.

  4. Yet another amusing entry :D