Friday, May 22, 2009


"Those are so cute!"
"They look really cute on you!"
"So cute!"
"These are really cute."
"Aren't these cute?"
"These would look so cute!"
"They're cute, right?"

Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute.

I've said "cute" more times in the past week than I have in my entire lifetime. I've said the word so many times it has lost all meaning.

"Gorgeous" is too strong a word and I can't bring myself to say "fabulous."

At times I leave my body and look at myself in disgust.....

"Look at yourself. Do you hear yourself speaking? You disgust me! If I weren't so attached to you, I'd throw you down the stairs. Oh my god, you said it again! That's it. I'm leaving."

One thing is for certain. I now hate shoes. I will never go shoe shopping with a woman again. I don't care how much they tell me they love me or what unspeakable sexual favors they will perform. I will not go.

Oh, and my co-workers were right. You do end up hating women. Sports channel and beer hat, here I come!


- R

p.s. it's been over a week since my last post! This job is taking away valuable blogging time. Do you think I could convince the powers that be that I need to go on "Blogging Leave"?


  1. "Cute" is a decidely un-manly word.

    Hope the beer helps.

    P.S. Could you un-truncate your posts? They don't show up in my Google Reader.

  2. Agreed. "Cute" is definitely not a word that should be in a man's vocabulary. Unfortunately, it tends to be a necessity in this industry.

    I hope the beer helps too.

    Oh, and I'll un-truncate my posts for you. Didn't realize it was doing that.

  3. Hey Roberto!

    Just catching up with your posts!

    LOVED the review you gave on NINE! I really which I'd had seen it on broadway while I was living in NYC (it was very popular). Looking forward to seeing the movie.

    This post is funny. I always hear the people who work in the shoe department in our store say the SAME thing - they hate shoes! The shoe department is always the busiest place in our store, but it always looks like a tornado hit it - shoes are flung EVERYWHERE!

    I use the word cute a lot too. It happens though, when you work in a department that caters to ladies. However, I'm a big FAAABULOUS user too. I can't help just comes out.

    Hey, I'm glad Badass Geek mentioned about your posts, because they aren't showing up on my googler reader either.

    Have a great weekend, bud!

    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. I'm with Ron, a big FAAABULOUS user here.

    "Cute" gets irksome very quickly. "Fabulous" ooozes sexy!

  5. Update.. I've started occasionally using the word "fantastic." If applicable, of course.

    I should also start using stuff like "slick," "chic," and "sophisticated."