Thursday, May 14, 2009

"Nine" - November 25, 2009

Words cannot express how wicked excited I am for this movie! I'm looking forward more to this than the remaining Harry Potter films. Big statement, I know.

This musical is, admittedly, flawed. The story is at times confusing and rather convoluted. But oh how exciting the score is. The music and featured performances (which, with the right performer, can be utterly amazing. Just look up Jane Krakowski singing "A Call to the Vatican" -- which will be sung by Penelope Cruz in the movie version -- on YouTube. You won't be sorry!) make this one of my favorite musicals.

With the exception of Kate Hudson (who has no business being in this movie, or any movie for that matter) and Fergie (whose rendition of "Be Italian" on the trailer I find very impressive), the cast is comprised of Oscar winners. Acting will be excellent, that is a given. Singing, I am praying will be good. Regardless, I am dying to see what Rob Marshall does with this musical. I can already see in the trailer that he used elements of the original Broadway production, the 2003 revival, and the source -- Felini's "8 1/2." Seeing as a lot of the musical occurs inside the main character's mind, Marshall should be in familiar waters as he gave Chicago a similar treatment.

Is it November yet???


- R


  1. Exciting! I thought Kidman was done acting? And Sophia Loren, gorgeous. I love all these musicals coming out on TV and film. Ahhh escapism, there's nothing better.

  2. Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow

    Can you imagine being able to produce something like this?! Im a huge fan of Judy Dench, perhaps my favourite actress.

  3. Seriously! Packing in so much greatness into one movie is beyond my imagination.