Wednesday, May 6, 2009

And so it begins...

Today was my first day at Nordstrom. I was the only male new hire. Why did I actually think I wouldn't be? The girls who are also starting are really nice. I really hit it off with one in them particular; went to lunch together and had a great time talking with each other. Before you go "Oooh!" or "Bom chicka wah-wah!" I must say that she has a boyfriend. So our interactions will be purely platonic. Not looking for a girlfriend anyway. But I'm not looking for one night-stand or cheap love either. Though physical love wouldn't be so bad, to be perfectly honest.

Well, this took a random turn. The point was to tell you about my first day. With the possible exception of the girl who will be working at the E-Bar, I doubt I'll be seeing any of these girls on a regular basis as they are all in different departments. Even the girl who works in kids' shoes is on the opposite side of the floor.

Assuming I don't get intimidated by all the super star sellers or crash and burn, I think this could be a challenging but fun job. And -- dare I say it? -- rewarding.


- R


  1. This is funny, because I too am one of the rare males in my business. However, I love working with women, so it's ok by me.

    Congrats on your first day of the job!

    Wishing you much success and rewards.

    And a load of FUN!

  2. Ah, the platonic friendship. Fun, yet sometimes frustrating.

  3. Aren't (forced) platonic friendships just a joy? You think you're cool with it, but you sometimes have to tell yourself "Pure thoughts. Pure thoughts. It's never going to happen. Oh, but what if it does. No! It won't! She does not want you to take her into a bathroom stall and have your way with her."

    So, yes... fun, but frustrating.

  4. Ron,

    I love working with women too. I'm pretty used to it. English and journalism (this one in particular) are school subjects that are not exactly overflowing with testosterone.

    Plus, I tend to get competitive with my male co-workers.