Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Things I overheard #3

It's fascinating the amount and type of business that occurs in public places.

I'm currently listening to a father work out a visitation schedule with a child welfare agent. It's a new set-up because she is just meeting the child. "I'm going to be your new friend. We'll be going together every time you go see your mom," she said.

Here's the deal....

Biological mother had problem with alcohol and drugs. She has two other kids, both from different relationships. None of the kids live with her because the woman has a history of being abusive. Biological dad was arrested for assault. Adoptive/step-dad (can't really tell which) does not want him near her, but is allowing mother monitored visitation. But if monitor even suspects substance use (e.g. slurred speech), the visitation rights will be immediately retracted.

No overnight visits will be allowed. If they are at a theme park and it's a 2-person ride, either no one goes on it or the child goes on with the monitor. The monitor will go to the bathroom with the girl, and vice-versa. And so on...

Moreover, the monitor has aspirations to start her own center rather than just being an employee. Also, she is getting certified in drug/alcohol counseling so she can better understand and help her clients.

It is seriously intriguing just how much information people are comfortable sharing/discussing in a place where anyone can hear what they're saying. Do they think that people will actually mind their own business? If you're going to disclose sensitive information in a public space, then at least try to do it in hushed tones. They're lucky I'm only a harmless gossip.


- R

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