Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I shake my fist at you, O Fates

I am currently shaking my fist at the heavens (not literally because that would be weird). I've been committing far too many stupid mistakes.

First, I was dumb enough to not go to my usual stylist to get my hair cut. Instead I went to Supercuts and told the lady, who I assumed to be on the up and up, to have her way with me. "All I ask for is short on the sides and back," I said to her. I figured she would know what would look best with my face shape and such. The woman had me sitting in the chair for 30 minutes (I clocked it) and I left with a crap haircut. It's neither long nor short, and there is no discernible style to it. Also, the back is too long (she didn't show me the back and I forgot to ask). The sides aren't even. I had somewhere to be afterwards, so I couldn't even tell her to fix it. I didn't trust her anymore anyway. I'll probably go to Toni & Guy or the like tomorrow to get it fixed.

Next I left for the mall to return something for my mother, but forgot the offending clothes at home. So I had to return and then head off again. I actually did this "Shit! I forgot _________" twice today.

Then I ordered an iced chai latte, but forgot to say I wanted it nonfat. Ugh. I can taste the cow.

It's only the middle of the day, so who knows what other clumsy mistakes I'll make today.

That's all. Just needed to rant.


- R


  1. Hey Roberto!

    Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for stopping by my blog earlier - it was so nice meeting you!

    Hey...I know the feeling you had in this post, only because I use to be a hairstylist and once I left the business, I started having my hair cut by different people and have gone through the same thing...Grrrrrr!

    I've learned that there are SOOOO many hairstylist out there, that don't listen to what you ask. I now cut my own hair because I get it exactly the way I want.

    Tony and Guy is GREAT! I bet they'll fix it for you!

    Great blog you have here. Isn't it amazing how many GREAT things you can find in everyday life to muse about???

    I'll be back!

  2. P.S. and thank you for taking the time to review Vent on Blogcatalog - appreciate that!

  3. Hey, Ron!

    Thanks for visiting! :)

    Glad I'm not the only one whose had multiple bad experience with hairstylists. It seems that every other cut is a bad or unsatisfactory one. Wish I could cut my own hair.

    And speaking of cutting your own hair, I was amazed as to how many different jobs you've had. Hairstylist. Make-up artist. Actor. Medical assistant. You're like Bert from Mary Poppins.

    And I seriously meant what I said about loving your blog. I could not stop reading it. I never do that. Usually something catches my eye, but then I forget all about it.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like my blog. Don't be a stranger.

  4. Oh yes, Ive learnt the "Supercuts" lesson (with a similiar type place over here). Never again. Never.

    My favourite stylist went overseas 2 years ago and I still havent found a new one Im happy with...and Im not talking about cheap cuts :S .

    Heopfully the rest of your day was wonderful!

  5. A Hot Bath! Hi! Welcome to my blog.

    Luckily, the rest of the day was fine. No more mishaps. But serves me right for not wanting to wait until my stylist came back from vacation.

    Thanks for visiting. I'm glad I stumbled upon yours.