Thursday, April 30, 2009

And now for something completely different...

Allow me, if you will, to deviate from the current theme of my posts - my failures/successes at life and my endless search for a job. I cannot yet say that I am employed because I have not heard back from Nordstrom. They said I would surely hear from them yesterday, but it was not to be. This can mean one of the following things:

1) They haven't gotten around to it yet, but will do so soon.
2) They are interviewing other candidates.
3) I didn't get the job.
4) The manager saw something horrible in me, but didn't let on during our interview (I guess this one ties in to #3).

I am hoping that I will soon hear from them because she did say that I would be contacted pending a conversation with the two other people who interviewed me and not something vague like, "we'll get back to you." Although, I would not be at all surprised if I don't get this job either. It does seem to be the trend. Damn my bad habit of getting my hopes up!

Let's be honest, I have no real skills. I'm basically a talentless charmer*. I've gotten by on my personality alone. I've just come to this realization. I always curse those bastards who get what they want solely because of their charisma, but I (to an extent) am one of them. Take my first Union Bank interview, for example. Even though I lost to a current employee, I beat out the 9 other candidates who were immensely qualified. I competed against people with banking experience, math majors, a dude on his way to becoming a CEO one day, and other people with perfect resumes. If I were them and knew I had been the first choice (once removed), I would hate me.

*sigh* Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. And besides, there's still the possibility of getting that Union Bank job. Oh, Jeebus, let there still be the possibility of getting one of these jobs.

Now that that has been cleared, let me get back to my original idea. As you know, I am a theatre geek. Seeing as I have no one to discuss theatre with anymore (my Boston friend Lauren was the only one who could match my knowledge of all things theatre), I will occasionally use this blog to rant or rave about said subject. Only occasionally because I will not risk losing you, dear readers. We can all agree that theatre aficionados are few and far between. I've often wondered if I would love having a girlfriend who's into theatre as much as me. It would quickly become an expensive relationship. I would much prefer a girl with good taste in food. Food is my deal breaker; if you have crap taste in food, then you're cut. I simply could not deal with a girl (or person, for that matter) who considers Outback Steakhouse or Bertucci's/Olive Garden fine or delicious cuisine.

I know. I know. I'm rambling. And I may have also offended some readers by badmouthing their favorite restaurants. Sorry.

All I wanted to actually discuss was the upcoming revival of Bye Bye Birdie. I don't particularly like the show, though there are some catchy and enjoyable tunes. But I still have an opinion on it. It has come to my attention that they released some of the cast information, and I am livid. First, they have John Stamos playing male lead Albert. It seems like such random casting. Why Stamos? A perfect Albert would have been Brooks Ashmanskas! He is an underused talent (LOVED him in She Loves Me) who would be an inspired choice for playing the cowardly mama's boy. And then there's the matter of having Gina Gershon playing Rosie. Why can we not cast a Latina to play a Latina character?? Get Karen Olivo to play Rosie. She's already doing a fantastic job of playing a role originally created by Chita Rivera (Anita in West Side Story), so why not have her rock out this feisty Chita role (Chita Rivera was also the original Rosie) too? Nothing against Gershon as she made a pretty good Sally Bowles in the Cabaret revival, but the producers seriously should have just cast an actual Latina. Gah!

Ok, enough venting on trivial Broadway matters. I've taken enough of your time already.

Go in peace, my brothers and sisters.

- R

* Perhaps I should take up stripping. As they say in Gypsy, "To be a stripper, all you need to have is no talent [and a gimmick]."


  1. Berty this post just made me laugh. Olive Garden isn't my favorite restaurant, but must admit that the salad and bread is damn good.

    No skills? I don't agree. You're a talented writer and good at talking to people. I'm sure you'll get one of those jobs, hopefully, the one you really want.

  2. Your cynical and sarcastic disposition will get you places... If no where else, find a bookstore... you know, you should move up here and become acquainted with the amazingness of Apple Books or Aardvark... heck there's even a bookstore dedicated to plays... yeah, plays.

    By the way, this is me reading your entries backwards.

  3. I wasn't fishing for compliments, but thanks.

    I really should look into working for Dick's Last Resort. Have never eaten there, but hear that it's gimmick is that the servers are rude to the customers. Perhaps that is a place that could use my particular expertise - "cynical and sarcastic disposition."

    Leya, if ever I were to stay in CA it would have to be up in the Bay Area. Though not sure how well I could afford to live up there on a bookshop attendant's salary.

    Bika, I could eat those Olive Garden breadsticks all day. :p