Friday, April 24, 2009

Things I overheard #7

This post should really go under a new category -- Things I overheard TWICE.

Though I have recently been spending more time at the same Starbucks, I like to switch it up every now and then. Today I am at a different Starbucks. I am listening to an off-the-clock employee talking about her life with some old man and his friend. They struck up a conversation because he had asked her if she was watching her weight (she was buying a fruit and cheese plate). "Are you saying I'm fat?" she replied. "No! Oh God, no!" he quickly answered.

I thought this would result in a humorous confrontation, but it ended with her sitting down with the man and his friend. Turns out I know this girl. And by know I mean that I have listened in on her conversation before. This is not her first time telling her life story.

Sidenote-- two small children have just sat at the table next to me. *shudder* I hate kids. Oh god, they've started coughing up a storm. Now not only am I annoyed, I am going to get infected with their child germs. Why do bad things always happen to me?

*sigh* Ok. Back to the story. This girl starts telling a story about her prior drug problems.

"What did you used to do?" asked the man.

"Cocaine," she answered nonchalantly. As if she used to have a problem with watching too much TV and not a hardcore drug.

She explains all the drugs she used to do (there were a lot of them) and how it helped her overcome her depression. The conversation then turns to the men trying to explain her fall into drugs. They say it's because she probably had a bad childhood. She disagrees because she claims to have a great childhood. They go back and forth about why kids turn to drugs, but come to no agreement.

So I have now listened to her story for the second time. The same thing that intrigued me last time intrigues me this time as well. She talks very casually about her experiences. Bravo for her, but does she really need to share her personal problems with the world? I realize that I'm doing the same thing by blogging, but I'm different. For one thing, I like to think that I don't share the same story over and over again. She can't rest on her drug laurels forever. Eventually she's going to need a new story to tell. Maybe she can take up prostitution and drop that. Or run a white slavery ring and then see the error of her ways. That might be fun.


- R


  1. Funny!!!

    I too have met people (some of who I work with) who regurgitate the same story over and over and over again...

    ...I can listen to them for awhile, but then, like you....

    ..."Please Tell me a new story".....

    Maybe she should use her story to maybe volunteer her time to assist others.

    God...and the stories I hear while some people are on cell phones in public (talking loudly)...amazed me.

  2. I know! One of the funniest is hearing this girl shout into her phone, "You need to stop being a slut! You go from guy to guy to guy. Just grow up and stick with one man!"

    Do people think no one can hear them?

  3. Roberto,

    You really can hear the most interesting things if you just listen. :) The stuff I hear at work sometimes just floors me.


  4. Hi, JB!

    People are the most fascinating things. When dining out I always choose the table by the window or on the patio just so I can get a meal and a show. Oh, the things I have heard and seen. People watching/eavesdropping is so addictive. I remember being on a date and telling my girlfriend, "Let's stay a bit longer. I think this couple's fight is really going to escalate and I want to see how it all ends." Lol. I have a problem.

    And the stuff you've heard at the deli is great. I got such a kick out of the elderly shoplifters who resell their booty.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting The Berto Blog. I hope to see more of you in the future. :)