Thursday, April 16, 2009

Glimmers of hope and validation

The title for this Berto Blog post says it all. Today I received glimmers of hope and validation.

First, the biggest news. I received a freelance reviewing assignment! Admittedly, it's not a major production but it's an assignment nonetheless. I'll be reviewing my old high school's production of Anything Goes for my local paper. I asked for some sign that I have worth, and I received it. I'm a theatre critic again!

Second, the quirky news. A Canadian blog that serves up the "best of the web" (I can only assume since thee is blog description anywhere) republished one of my posts. The only difference is that it seems someone translated it into French (though I can't find it in French) and then used the translation to translated it back into English. See for yourself. I suppose I should be upset for one of my posts being taken without permission or acknowledgment, but I'm not. I find it kinda funny, especially since it looks like it's been rewritten by a non-English speaker using a thesaurus.

I'm rejoining the human race.


- R


  1. Congrats!

    Also, that blog thing is pretty weird.

  2. It was great seeing you at the play the other night. I kinda wish I knew where you and Kisai go to Starbucks so I could crash your coffee date. And I'll have to look for your review - SC Times or Sun Post?

  3. It was so great seeing you too, Madame! Instead of crashing (which wouldn't really work anyway since we just go in, get our coffee, and move on), we should plan a coffee date for the 3 of us. I'll tell my sis and we'll plan something. :)

    And my review will come out in next week's SC Times.