Saturday, March 28, 2009


This will have to be rather quick post because it is 2am, I have a headache, and I'm tired. So why aren't you resting, you say? Because an event so momentous occurred that I cannot wait until tomorrow to write about it. Well, momentous to me. Not so much in the grand scheme of things.

I've been thinking a lot about old friendships ever since Bika wrote an entry on the subject (which in turn led to an in-comment discussion) on Bika's Journal:

"It's really hard for me to accept separation from people as the reality of life. As far back as I can remember, I've had to say goodbye to people, places, and things that I love. True.. I've experienced different cultures and met some absolutely wonderful people along the way... All the friends that I'd include in the trove are dispersed pretty much all over the world right now. I guess this my very roundabout way of saying that I miss everyone."

To which Brandon responded:

"I think no matter what you're going to have to say goodbye to different people throughout time. It would be nice to go back home and see friends again."

To which Bika then replied:

"It's the drifting apart bit that's hard to accept, because it takes so long to cultivate close relationships with people only to see it fade away with time."

I started college with a clean slate. I severed ties with all people from my past. Hmmm.... that makes me sound rather like an ass. Let me rephrase that. People went off to different schools. Others who initially started the journey with me soon sought other paths. Others were simply lost in the void of life. And the rest I hoped to never see again.

I soon found myself a great new group of friends (I may have written in-depth about this particular subject, but am not sure. If I haven't, then I just may.). My four years in college were wonderful because of these people. But as is the case with most friendships, you start drifting apart.

We each were focusing on our individual interests and I eventually moved to Boston/London. I lost touch with a great group of people. But then the unexpected happened. One of these friends reconnected us on Facebook tonight. He had been the first in the crew to drift off, so it was great hearing from him again. I often wondered what became of him. Suddenly, I'm being transported back to the laughs and good times we shared years ago. I sense a reunion will be organized, and I cannot wait for that day.

So this "quick post" is my long-winded way of saying that it is possible to revisit the past. The past is not another land far beyond our reach, it is merely in the shadows waiting to be rediscovered.

That's all I have to say for now. I'm sleepy. I have a headache. But, oh, what a good mood I'm in!


- R

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  1. This post made me smile for several reasons:

    1. My entry made you think about past friendships. Of course, I'll take that to mean that my words have extraordinary power. :p j/k.

    2. Your renewed connection with a friend from college validates the point that old friendships aren't lost forever.

    3. Always a pleasure to see a friend happy about something in life.