Thursday, March 26, 2009

Things I overheard #2

Actually, this isn't so much something I overheard as something that happened to me. Ok, so it does not at all fall into the "Overheard" category. It was simply so odd that it warranted a mention on The Berto Blog.

I'm currently sitting at Starbucks (anyone surprised?). An old eccentrically dressed (i.e. could pass for a well-dressed hobo) old woman and her son (at least I assume it's her son, but he could be her caretaker) sit across from me. The woman makes small talk about my laptop and I humor her. I hate small talk, but I didn't want to be rude to such a kind looking old lady.

Then the old woman offered me a cookie. My mother always told me never to take candy from strangers, but she never mentioned anything about cookies.

I didn't take the cookie. Mostly because I don't believe in the kindness of strangers, but mostly because I didn't like the type of cookie she was offering me.

My friend Jacqueline had this to say on the matter: "lol. take the cookie! Realistically, the older the person is serving the cookie, the more delicious the cookie will be. So you're pretty lucky."

As I told her (Jacqueline, not the old woman), it was a store bought cookie. Maybe I should have taken it because it would be far too awkward to ask for the cookie now. "Actually, I will have a cookie. Thank you, kind stranger." Even more awkward if I follow that with "Oh, on second thought, I don't like those kinds of cookies. You can have it back. Thanks anyway."

Jacqueline's response? "why is the old woman buying store bought cookies?! I'm very disappointed with her. But I'll try not to judge."

I've actually seen this pair before and they struck me as kind but quirky then too. If I see them again, I'll strike up a conversation and turn it into reading material for you fine people. In other words, I like to exploit other people's lives.

On that note, my father asked me why we (meaning my mother, sister, and I) enjoy knowing the lives of others. I'll tell you what I told him... Escapist entertainment. Other people's realities serve as an escape from my own. But I guess that is just a fancy way of saying I'm nosey.


- R

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