Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I overheard #1

I've come to the realization that I frequently refer to conversations I overhear (i.e. eavesdrop on) at Starbucks. But I do all this on Facebook. Occasionally, the subjects are so interesting that they result in conversations about said conversations. That being said, I will now include the most fascinating of these on this blog. Let me know if you like the format of this first "Overheard post" or if you prefer I write in story form.


The Pyramid Scheme

Me - listening to some 19 year old trying to get others to join his "marketing company." Getting a headache from his rapid-fire talking and constant use of "you know what I'm saying?" The whole thing sounds so dodgy.

Jacqueline - "you should be like "no i don't know what your saying" and see how many times you can say that until he gives up."

Me - "haha. i want to tell him to shut up. not every starbucks conversation is pleasant to listen to........ and he just told them to invest $100. suspicions confirmed."

Shruti - "he is doing a terrible job of marketing himself."

Jacqueline - "do it. just be like " you're ruining the chillax coffeehouse vibe man." i take it you are eavesdropping? if so, then you should tell whomever he is talking to, to " just say no to dodgy marketing plans from 19 yr olds""

Me - "he was trying to win them over with promises of ferraris and $2100 a week. it all sounded like a pyramid scheme"

Shruti - "i am surprised those guys are even entertaining him."

Me - "he's gone now. unfortunately, i couldn't help eavesdropping. they were at the table next to mine and he was shouting rapidly at them. dizzying them with razzle dazzle and such, but i was not fooled. i should have thrown myself at them with a big dramatic "Nooooo!!!""

Cady - "yeeeep pyramid scheme! i have/had friends that got caught up in that...sigh..."

Me - "it was pretty nuts b/c the whole scam was so obvious. i could not believe how long they put up with the kid. no one "invested," but they all gave him and his "associate" their cell numbers and addresses. *sigh*"

Jacqueline - "really $2100 a week? at that rate they should just go for broke and sell cocaine."

Shruti - "you could have saved a bunch of souls you know."

Me - "i really should have done something. yet another thing to add to my list of regrets. the two dudes are still outside, talking on their phones (i.e. continuing their shady dealings). could i escape 1st degree murder charges if i say "i ran them over with my car for the greater good"?"

Shruti - "i would probably want to do the same thing."

Jacqueline - "well is it going to ruin your car? because that's not good. Instead you should sic a crazy transient on them. Then you can watch from afar and lol and not get in trouble because the authorities wouldn't believe the crazy transient if he claimed you were involved."

Me - "OMG! they're back and with a fresh batch of victims! two of the people were in the previous group, brought along friends, and are now referring to the dudes as their "business associates"! i don't know if i can handle this shit again. and i don't think my head can once more handle his word barrage."

He is still here and using the same story he used on the last group. And is STILL throwing out "you see what I'm saying?" every other word. He is a 19-year old with only a high school education and is scamming/corrupting the youth of San Clemente. I seriously cannot believe that two of his previous victims brought 6 friends back with them.

Shruti - "talk about people having loads of idle time in today's world."

Me - "*sigh* good news... all but one of the kids left. He looks unconvinced, so he may escape unconverted. *crosses fingers*"

Happy Ending (sort of)! He said he was not interested, but gave him his phone number and address anyway.

I don't know what is worse. That people like this kid exist or that the youth of America are so easily brainwashed.


- R

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  1. Good read, do more "overheard" posts! Boo on the social forces operating in the country that allow 18-year-olds to run sketchy practices like this.