Sunday, July 5, 2009

I just had an orgasm

I just want to say that seeing these promotional shots for Tim Burton's upcoming adaptation of Alice in Wonderland have caused me to spontaneously climax. I am now in need of new pants. That is all.


- R


  1. Yes...I just had an orgasm too!

    Holy shit, I had no idea about this new Tim Burton film, so thank you for sharing this Roberto!

    And it was brilliant of him to put the two of them together again after their great chemistry in Sweeney.

    Don't ya just love anything "Tim Burton?"

  2. Tim Burton is my God.

    Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and Danny Elfman are my Trinity.

    Those 3 men can do no wrong.

  3. While it does look pretty cool. I do have one MAJOR gripe. Alice's eyebrows are black. :P Gah. I knew there was something seriously off, and that's definitely it. But, it is Burton, and Sweeney Todd convinced me to like him (on top of Big Fish being one of my favorite films)... plus Frankenwenie and Vincent are pretty damn good too. While I think platinum eyebrows on Hathaway would have been better, the rest of the shots look pretty cool.