Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From the twisted mind of Roberto

It's a fact that I have the strangest and most vivid dreams.

Take last night's show for example......

It featured an opulent mansion that was the site of a fancy dress party. This mansion belonged to my best friend's ex. Emily and Richard Gilmore (of The Gilmore Girls) were my grandparents. I had to fetch a tuxedo from within the mansion, but had to convince the butler that I was actually performing a task for the lady of the house and not just trying to steal the tuxedo. The butler gave me a choice between the Berton (pronounced with a French accent) or the Burberry tuxedo. I chose the Berton. Upon acquiring the tuxedo I was informed that my essay (I apparently had submitted an essay into a writing contest) was chosen for publication. The four judges could only speak French, so we start having a conversation in French. After leaving the French-speaking judges, I enter the party inside the mansion. Within I find my high school French teacher. Also there are some of my Nordstrom co-workers, but I recognize them as classmates. I start having a drink to celebrate my win, but my former teacher informs me that no drinking is allowed at school functions. I apologize (still in French), but she allows me to finish my drink since it's a special occasion. At this point my friend's ex comes home and I follow him up to his room. I help him fold a large wool blanket and put it on his sister's water bed.

Then I wake up.

Someone make sense of this for me. I have no explanation whatsoever. Then again I can never explain any of my dreams.

Like the one where I am flying around in a little rocket ship. My ship is hit by an enemy missile and I crash into the water surrounding San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. I then realize that there is a shark in the water. I stand/float perfectly still so that it won't attack me. The shark puts its face right next to mine and I can feel one of its teeth graze my cheek as it wonders whether I'm actually alive. I woke up frightened and the physical feeling of that graze still present on my cheek.

But the most terrifying dream I have ever had was one that bothered me all the next day. I dreamed that my sister was late in coming home. My mom and I go out looking for her. We eventually find her on the driveway of some house, her body lifeless and limbs all askew like a rag doll. We discern that she was raped, murdered, and thrown off the 2nd story balcony of the house we find her at. I could physically feel my body tensing up as my mind registered the shocking image. Then my mother emits a blood-curling scream that is filled with such indescribable pain, disbelief, and rage. I woke up from this dream a sweaty and terrified mess. My poor girlfriend lying in bed next to me was just as scared because I practically threw her off the bed as I violently awoke.

Of course, not all my dreams are nearly this exciting. There was one where I simply stood at a sink and shaved. That's it. Nothing else happened. I just watched myself shaving. I woke up from that one confused and bored out of my mind.

What is the most bizarre/scary/vivid/boring dream you've ever had? I can't possibly be the only person with a crazy imagination.

Share with me, people.


- R


  1. Man, I have had way too many effed up dreams. Way too many.

  2. I had a crazy and nonsensical dream last night: I'm rehearsing for a play at someone's house when a mountain lion walks in. I quietly slip into another room as it walks past me. I look in the mirror in this room and I see that part of my hair is white, so I start panicking. Then I run up and down a large stadium looking for something or someone. That's it.

    I wish I had classy dreams like you with all the French and Burberry :D

  3. Have you had the dreams within dreams? Or the ones where you tell yourself you're dreaming?

    I had one dream where my brother fell out of the window to his death (my family all has recurring dreams of him falling, as he fell down the staircase as a baby and he fell into the Charles River in the middle of the winter). When I realize that I was dreaming, I said out loud, "Oh, this is just a dream." My dad, in my dream, turns to me and says, "I wish this were a dream, Brandon. But this is real life. This is really happening."

    The dream with a dream was pretty bad. I woke up in my bed from the sleep. I got out of my bed, but the door was the wrong shape, some sort of warped Cabinet of Dr. Caligari thing. I came out of my room to find my parents tied up in the hallway... on train tracks... where the Easter Bunny was driving the train. This was the first time I had the dream within a dream, so it was pretty scary. I woke up again... but this time as Link from Legend of Zelda. It was many dreams within dreams.
    That was also the first dream that I lost my ability to lucid dream. It was a great ability that I've never gained back after that nightmare.

  4. Get those double and triple dreams all the time. Soo exhausting!

  5. I always find that if I write my dreams out on a piece of paper immediately upon waking, the dream makes complete sense to me.

    There was a time when I was very into the meaning of dreams and read all sorts of dream books. But someone had once told me that dreams are only specific to the dreamer, and that everything is symbolic to the dreamers subconscious.

    Meaning...what do each of those things in your dream(s) symbolize to you?

    God, this post just reminded me that I haven't remembered any of my dreams lately.

  6. Night before last I had a dream that my boyfriend jumped backwards down a flight of stairs and bashed his head on them. The freakout that followed as I ran down to his lifeless body and screamed to call 911 was so terribly real that I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for a long time.

    My normal dreams are always so bizarre and unexplainable (aren't they all though), but usually only that way if I sleep on my back. Strange!

  7. Those realistic dreams are the worst. But how weird that you get unusual dreams when you sleep on your back. Never thought that one's sleeping position affects one's dreams. Very interesting.